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They are part of our family

Therefore our pets’ health and wellbeing is a priority

Our team is trained to assist you in the selection of the right remedy, supplement or health care product for your pet.

Naturopathy for cats, dogs, horses and other animals is a complementary, holistic, preventative form of medicine using the principles of natural therapies to facilitate your pet’s body’s innate ability to heal itself. Our naturopaths are trained to use natural substances and remedies to restore and maintain a healthy balance internally and externally.

By providing your pet’s body with the correct stimuli and environment, naturopathy for animals allows your pet’s healing process to restore and maintain good health. Animals are more in touch with nature and the need to be healthy and often know how to heal themselves by choosing herbs in the garden to eat so we need to ensure we provide them with safe alternatives during times of ill health.

Please come in to the shop to see our animal loving team. We can provide you advice on your pet’s food, nutrition, living environment, exercise and relaxation and remedies including herbs, vitamins and supplements, homeopathics and flower essences.

We care for your pet just as you do

All our pets deserve a high quality and happy life free from any pain or stress. Providing unconditional love for all creatures great and small is the ULTIMATE GIFT we can give them.