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Your child’s health and wellbeing are very important to us

Starting from your baby’s earliest days, we can assist you in achieving health and wellness for your loved ones

Whether it’s feeding issues, skin problems, digestive disorders, teething, learning difficulties, emotional and behavioural issues or acute conditions that strike such as colds, tummy upsets etc, we have a wide range of expertise and products for dealing with these.

Homeopathics are ideal treatments for children as little ones respond well to energy or vibrational medicine. Jen, our homeopath, is very experienced in dealing with children’s issues and has successfully helped many young children. She carries a full range of homeopathics to cover all ailments. We also carry a retail selection of homeopathic remedies for you to select from. Our reference books can assist you in selecting appropriate remedies or ask our staff for assistance.

Flower Essences are another form of vibrational medicine and we stock a full range of Bach and Australian Bush Flower Remedies in our dispensary. You do not need a prescription for these so ask our staff for assistance in determining the right remedy for your child’s needs. We can mix essences from our dispensary to create a remedy for your child’s needs. These are particularly useful in dealing with emotional issues and are very easy to administer as they are taken in drop form 2-4 times per day.

We also carry the full range of Metagenics Children’s supplements, a recently developed range including Calm Care for Kids, Allergeze for Kids, Cod Liver A and D for Kids, Concentration Care for Kids, ENT Immune Care for Kids, Fibroplex plus for Kids, Flora Care for Kids, Gut Care for Kids, Multi Care for Kids, Meta Meal for Kids and Omega Brain Care for Kids. Several of these products are aimed at assisting the increasing number of children experiencing concentration and learning problems at school. If your child is one of these, we recommend a Hair Tissue Analysis to ascertain whether toxicity from heavy metals may be contributing, as this is commonly the case.

Our herbal dispensary is amazingly stocked

Our practitioners can create a personalised formula for your child with appropriate dosages

Herbal remedies are quickly absorbed and assimilated in the body and offer a natural and effective solution to many health issues affecting children. With careful selection and combining of the extracts, more than one issue can be dealt with in a single formula.

TIP! Doses can be placed singly in ice cube trays and then filled with jelly for easy dispensing and compliance! This avoids the problem of children who find difficulty in swallowing tablets.

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