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Percy’s Powder Blood Tonic


Can a change of diet Prevent Cancer? or even Cure Cancer?

“Yes,” said 100 year old Australian farmer Percy Weston. With an expert knowledge of chemistry, Percy believes that science has overlooked the importance of the quality of food we consume in our diet.

He proved it first to his own satisfaction in animals in the 1940s, and then in humans, by treating medically diagnosed cases of cancer and other diseases which he realised had the same common origin.

These were miracles as far as the doctors were concerned. How did he do it ? How can you do it? Percy Weston’s story is told in this great book.  Published by Bookbin Publishing Pty Ltd Australia, it is a fascinating, enthralling story of one mans journey of discovery, which exposes modern agriculture as one of the prime causes of cancer. The book includes testimonies from people who beat cancer by following Percy’s remedy.

Tips on how to beat cancer & other degenerative diseases from a 100 year old veteran farmer.
Are you too acidic?

Do you experience any of the following symptoms?
Sick & Tired
Lacking energy
Lowered immunity
Depressive tendencies
Inflammatory conditions
Skin Ailments

These are just a few of the many symptoms associated with an overly acidic body. A surprisingly number and variety of physical problems and diseases can be caused and manifested by acidification. Today, in our modern world, the vast majority of people suffer from some degree of acidification.

The vital Acid – Alkaline balance
In general, the typical westerner’s diet is primarily comprised of acidifying elements such as: proteins, cereals, and sugars. Unfortunately alkaline foods such as vegetables are eaten in much smaller quantities; their alkaline content is thus insufficient to neutralize surplus acids. As a result, this has the net effect of upsetting the body’s acid – alkaline balance; if the diet is not significantly changed, then ultimately, this will set the stage for acidification in the body and the resultant health problems that follow – herein lies the problem. There is, however, a solution to the over consumption of processed foods we find ourselves reaching for today.

Percy’s Weston’s health quest.
According to Percy George Weston’s book Cancer: Cause & Cure, our bodies were not designed to subsist in this state and we can lessen and even reverse the ravages of acidification. Sixty years earlier a lively, keen-eyed, well read Australian farmer found himself burned out by age 31. Through his own investigation and exploration he came to the conclusion that his diet contained a greater abundance of acid minerals than alkaline minerals.

Percy pondered the following questions: Was his diet making his body too acidic to function? Was it upsetting his bodies’ crucial acid-alkaline balance?
This fresh new insight set a then, young Weston on a personal health quest – he was determined to reclaim his lost health and vigor. He had a strong suspicion that the growing of his crops in fields fertilized with man-made ‘Super phosphate’ was to blame. He wondered if the highly acid elements (phosphorous, chlorine, etc) found in this fertilizer were the culprits.

This prompted Percy to switch to a diet high in naturally occurring alkaline minerals, such as organically grown crops. The results were staggering. Percy made a full recovery, and was once again renewed to his former healthy self.

The Solution: Percy’s mineral formulation discovered.
This small miracle brought about a desire to formulate a unique proprietary dietary supplement. The formulation he had in mind was one which would act as a counteracting agent to offset acidification in the body by supplying the body with the missing alkaline elements, such as: magnesium and potassium.

The fine tuning of the formula was to take years to perfect. A battle with arthritis and his concerns about health – particularly during the post world war two period – drove him on. His concerns about the wide scale use of super phosphates and the link between rising cancer rates in his district kept him motivated and intent on finding a solution to this growing problem.

He cured himself of cancer and helped countless others; he achieved this through a change in diet and his mineral powder formulation: Percy’s Powder.

As the fame of his mineral powder and news of his cancer success spread, he quickly became nothing short of an Aussie icon. As documented in his book, he became very busy on his farm producing his new mineral formulation and trying to keep up with steady demand and a growing fan-base.

A Lesson From Nature
Three years into the twenty-first century, centurion Percy could look back in time when farmers had fewer problems with pests and insects; before chemists unleashed their potent pesticides; and chemical companies upset the biological balance of the soil with their super phosphates.

Percy saw from nature what man was doing wrong and provided a practical and affordable solution to keep disease in check by maintaining the right mineral balance within the body. His mineral powder mixture is pleasant to taste, dissolves easily, and its key electrolytes present in exact ratios of bio-available alkaline sulphates. And it is now available to all.

What’s Behind the Cure?
Essentially Motivation, Correct Diet and Righting the Imbalance.
Weston wants urgently to get out the message that:
1. Cancer and arthritis are linked to the health of the soil through our food and drink.
2. We need to move quickly to an ecologically sustainable way of growing food.
3. By means of mineral supplements he has identified, it is critical that we protect ourselves from the excess of modern agriculture.

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