Have a ‘Green Day’ Today!

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Have a ‘Green Day’ Today!

Starting your day with greens such as spirulina, barley grass and kale and then adding them again around the 2-3pm (otherwise known as the afternoon slump) , could well be the new era of energy and vitality for you – why?

Consuming ‘green foods’ is an amazing way to feed your cells and provide instant energy in the form of nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals essential to good health. One way of doing this is to make a green smoothies – this ensures you get your daily green vegetable intake and it’s great to consume first thing in the morning. By whizzing up your green vegetables like cucumber, kale, spinach, celery, bok choy, parsley, coriander, plantain, burdock – in fact many things that you could harvest from your own backyard vege patch – then add some purified water or coconut water, maybe a frozen banana and apple, and you have yourself a delicious, incredibly nutritious and filling breakfast. The cellular walls are broken down during the whizzing process and much more of the surface area of the fruits and vegetables are bioavailable to the body without the need for mechanical breakdown by the stomach and chemical breakdown by the pH in the stomach and intestines. In other words, less stress and energy required by the body to get your nutrient needs met.

Green smoothies also contain fibre from vegetables and fruit, thereby acting as bottlebrushes through the intestines, sweeping impurities away and detoxifying as it works its way through your system. Many herbs and food sources have potent medicinal qualities, so depending on the blend; your food becomes your medicine and keeps you in good health. There are more than a few good reasons to have a green smoothie every day, right? If you don’t want to make your own, we offer some beautiful refreshing green smoothies at our new Wellness Bar – wait until you try our ‘Green Awakening’ – it does just that, right down to a zingy cellular level!

Another way of gettting your daily greens into you is in the form of superfoods and dehydrated / powdered greens. A spoonful of these can be mixed into water in the morning or thrown into a smoothie – another empowering way to ensure your energy requirements are met throughout the day. At Broome Natural Wellness we have a variety of powdered green supplements such as Vital greens and PharmaGreens – these are super convenient ways of sourcing antioxidants, herbs, enzymes, co-factors, vitamins, scarce nutrients, adaptogens, trace elements and minerals plus prebiotics and probiotics. We also stock our grasses and sprouts in powder form, not to mention, alfalfa, chlorella and spirulina in tablet and powder form to add to your smoothies.

Green foods increase body alkalinity, whereas disease and inflammation thrive in an acid environment – think of all the conditions ending in ‘–itis’ (inflammation). Alkalise the body and acidic inflammatory disease processes simply cannot thrive and melt away.

If you’re not already having a Green Day – today is the perfect day to start.


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