Keeping our kids happy, healthy and full of vitality

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Keeping our kids happy, healthy and full of vitality

There is a lot of demand on our children during the school term. They have to get up early, get themselves organised for school, be switched on all day to soak up all of that information – they are social creatures and run about in their breaks in that full-on heat – they lose over a litre of water per day just through perspiring, and their brains use up 40% of their body’s energy capacity.

Many children suffer some form of food intolerance that isn’t obvious to us as it doesn’t present as a full blown allergy –it is this grey area that is often ignored but can make a child’s day much harder than it needs to be. Symptoms of food intolerances can be seen as irritability, restlessness, bloating, burping excessively, can’t concentrate, tired, sore tummy, mood swings, headache, rash, poor immunity (gets everything “going around”), ADD & ADHD. Many foods and drinks contain additives in the form of thickeners, chemical colours, genetically modified ingredients, preservatives, synthetic sugars, artificial flavours and carcinogenic triggers (cancer forming agents). Instead of having warnings all over the box or packet, there are often little playful monkeys and elephants having fun, so we can be unaware of the dangers within the packaging! Our children are often intolerant to these artificial components placing a big load on their little systems.

We as parents have to wake up to what we are giving our children every day, what is being marketed directly to kids, get educated on what is really in the food and drink we are offering them as everyday foods and ‘treats’ for being good – what messages is this really sending our children? Become label readers – not packet readers as my children have pointed out – when it says on the front of the packet in the marketing ‘No artificial flavours or colours’ then you look in the ingredient list, a lot of the additives are made in a lab and don’t even have a name, but are allocated a number! Teach your children to become label readers and it will go a long way towards their health, wellbeing education and set them up to be empowered in their own wellness, choosing what they eat and drink.

A general rule of thumb is to make sure you can identify each ingredient as a food or can at least track it to a whole food source; keep it organic or spray-free if possible; keep it Australian made (customs puts a heavy load of pesticides on all imported fruits and vegetables that can be found right down to the stone, kernel, core) and keeping it seasonal. Seasonal eating is a great way of plugging into Nature’s innate wisdom which provides us just the sustenance we need at certain times of year to keep our immune systems strong.

A great breakfast is the biggest gift you could give your children every day. Have a serious look at your children’s cereal of choice and what it may contain. Start introducing new ideas for breakfast – we have some wonderful ideas at our Raw Food and Wellness Bar that may surprise you, so get inspired and get healthy with your children.

Breakfast ideas that are delicious, fun to make, healthy and filling.

  • How about a chocolate mousse breakfast tart that you could make at home – they would be eating almonds, cashews, dates, agave, cinnamon, avocado, cacao, coconut and coconut oil dressed up as a delicious chocolate cheesecake!
  • Fruit and green smoothies in the morning are fun and delicious – make up your own blends using seasonal fruits, coconut water, almond milk, yoghurt, or grab some tried and true recipes – the sky’s the limit
  • Muesli topped with berry coulis and home-made yogurt
  • Sprouted bread with tahini, avocado, lemon and pepper and a sprinkle of sprouts (that the kids have sprouted themselves perhaps?)
  • Gluten free Forage Muesli and other tasty cereals you can find at Broome Natural Wellness
  • Macadamia and cranberry muesli (gluten free) topped with fresh fruit and yoghurt
  • Fruit salad – dice up 2-4 different fruits and top with your own home made yoghurt
  • Cheese, celery, carrot stick dipped into raw food dip – hummus, beetroot etc. You can make up a couple of dips and have them in the fridge, then give the kids their own little bowls and assortment of vege sticks
  • Buckwheat crepes / pancakes topped with fruit and yoghurt – they LOVE this!
  • Eggs benedict for a real treat, using homemade bread and homemade hollandaise would be amazing
  • Free range boiled eggs and soldiers (sticks of toast)

If it means getting up 10 mins earlier to prepare then so be it, the kids can help prepare their own breakfast and enjoy spending time with you too – they can flip the pancakes whilst you‘re throwing their healthy lunches together! How about these ideas for the lunch box:

  • Healthy wraps with salad and dip / grated cheese and grated carrot with dressing (meat optional)
  • Tuna and healthy crackers or tuna salad
  • Sprouted salad from variety of seeds they have sprouted themselves. Power packed snacks!
  • Hummus and carrot sticks
  • Dried mango from Broome Natural Wellness
  • Organic trail mix – make your own from our fantastic range of bulk foods, including superfoods, goji berries and cranberries, coconut chips, almonds, cashews, sultanas, apricots etc – this will give sustained release energy all day
  • Fresh fruit wedges dipped in a home-made yoghurt
  • Any one of our new Wellness Bar’s healthy and delicious slices, pies and tarts made from natural ingredients only with no dairy, sugar, wheat flour or eggs

Make your own raw food slices at home – ask our girls for recipes – we have all the ingredients you need and the know-how. All you need is a good blender.


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