Broome Natural Wellness

Natural therapies and wellness for people, families and pets.

We are located in the Broome Boulevard Shopping Centre. Our wellness centre incorporates a naturopathic clinic and a comprehensive health food shop. The centre is owned and operated by Jennifer Readhead, Naturopath & Homoeopath. Jennifer has a passion for natural health and wellness, and has over 20 years experience in the field.

By visiting Broome Natural Wellness you will become part of our wellness community – with knowledgable and compassionate staff keen to assist customers in improving their health and wellbeing. Broome Natural Wellness offers ‘old fashioned,’ personalised service to all our customers. Come in and browse at our unique and nutritious foods including our wide range of organic food products, test our extensive natural and organic skin care range or chat with our friendly staff about your health.

Health & Wellbeing

Relax and rejuvenate your body and mind with practical health tips and advice

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What’s New?

Expert advice and in-depth features for a healthy life.

To Juice or to Smoothie?

Juicy info on Juicing:  Juice allows for faster absorption of nutrients.  Juicing helps to pre-digest them for you, so you’ll receive increased nutrition.  Juicing fruit and vegetables provides the most concentrated and readily absorbed source [...]

Antibacterial Soap a No Go Zone?

Do you look for soaps that are 'antibacterial' thinking that this will reduce the chance of getting sick or spreading germs? There has been many arguments in the natural health industry over the years that [...]

Cleaning up your cleaning products

How many different chemical based household and body cleaning products does your home boast? Investigating the ingredients of skin care, body care and cleaning products has been a passion of mine for some time now, [...]

10 steps to happiness

10 steps to happiness (thanks to The Mind Unleashed) Exercise – move your body! Research suggests that as little as 7 minutes may be enough to reduce depression, improve body image, stimulate your brain and [...]

Healthy fertility

Most of us spend much of our lives trying our hardest not to get pregnant, then only to find that when we do want to conceive, it doesn’t just happen at thee drop of a [...]

Our Practitioners

We’re here to treat all your health issues with the most recent advances and knowledge in natural medicine

We use our expertise to create individualized treatment plans for our patients to help them achieve long-term health. We identify and treat the root cause of symptoms, using a distinctive approach in functional medicine and scientifically proven natural therapies.