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Broome Wellness Bar

Experience more energy, vitality, rejuvenation and all the amazing benefits of a raw food menu.

Fresh fruits and dark, leafy greens such as spinach, kale, chard, collards, and even dandelion. These smoothies are packed with ingredients to de-bloat you and get you feeling great.

Green Smothies

Prepared in our kitchen with fresh, quality ingredients and a healthy dose of passion, they are simple and affordable but charged with natural foods including vegetarian, wheat, gluten and dairy free products.

Food that contains the vital life force your body needs for optimal digestion, energy and health. More than simply a plate full of colours… this food has the capacity to heal.

Vegan Raw Food

Fermentation isn’t just an ancient way of preserving food, it’s a full-blown health movement that creates food full of beneficial probiotics, digestive enzymes, and health boosting nutrients.

Fermented Foods